DOWNLOAD # Arca – Meditation (from debut LP Stretch 2_UNO NYC)

18 08 2012

As discussed over this post last month, new Arca material is finally out via UNO NYC_and this LP already has been acclaimed over the Internet past few days. And its really well desserved. This album establish Arca has one of the most original & prolific producers around, alongside other names from UNO camp: Ayshay’s Fatima Al Qadiri the first (check her website its a great one), followed by Gobby or LOL Boys_but its just the very beginning for this New York based label, we will hear more & more about them // Patience

So today you’ll be blessed by a free tune from Arca’s LP, a tune called Meditation_with a name like this, i dont really need to explain or put words on notes. It speaks by itself, enjoy & support the artist: buy the LP if its still available // Copies selling fast so as Arca said: Don’t let your ego fool ya ass !!

Arca’s Stretch 2 is available via UNO Nyc Website



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