14 08 2012

Even if JaeR got more attention since his (briliant) album is out, there’s still a lack of interest concerning his other fams’ from Chicago: Ounce, Yellow Mask Cxllective, Young Black Preachers…Actually, i talked a bit more about Chicago’s new or future heads recently: Supreme Cuts, The-Drum, J||||||M or….EVERY // If you are reading this blog, or at least listening what i posted, you might remember about The Vice Grip EP by J|||||M which is a pure absolute raw banger EP. This was very very promising, and unfortunately it didnt get the attention it deserved. First about J||||||M universe & lyrics and secondly cause of Every productions on it_Every dropped some solo instrumentals materials since that and even before. I really hope this guy wont stay in the dark too much longer, but as i checked UNO today, i saw J|||||M has been featured into their latest summer mixtape, this is a good news. Today i wanted to introduce to you this 13 tracks instrumentals by the man EVERY, which is the man from the shadow behind Ounce, the one that is giving that unique touch to most of their releases. Don’t think you already know what is this about, its not because its from Chicago that is necessarly Juke or Footwork_Those tracks reflects perfectly EVERY’s universe: Dreamy post VHS era, future RnB at his finest and you can laugh but sometimes i caught myself imagining MJ over one of those productions: listen to Honey Moonrise for example. EVERY is kind of a master at bringing paradox together: raw screwed voices over aerials progressive instrumentals, playing with different claps over the same tune, changing beats structures and i guess he’s having lot of “fun” by bringing elements which make you think track is going this way or this one, to bring you completely somewhere else. All about EVERY is unexpected, as this Enya reprise on Drift Side Bay Wood where he add some clarinets leads opposing her dreamy voice. Well, we thought EVERY was just another banger producer, but he’s showing more & more of his classical aspects: Gulf Night Swim is absolutely beautiful__I hope he’ll be producing for more people in the future, like Haleek or Le1F…Fatima? Whatever the futur will be for Ounce or J|||||M or Every, this (free) LP is an absolute classic into my collection from now. Even as a cinephile, i will hire this guy for any of my movies: have a listen to Palm Bow or New Jet Ski and tell me what you feel…Feels good right?

Sincerely, im not here for propaganda so i should stop launching flowers over this guy, but he caught my attention a while ago now, and im really happy with those new materials, this is really really good // And not hard to listen. At all. Give it a try, you won’t regret

i dare you

you can download it via the bandcamp ^
or here’s a walternate link


Here’s a free download from EVERY’s Scan Cursory LP , check it out here as well



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