DOWNLOAD # Wih’lo – Wasted EP

2 08 2012

This one goes for my people who were playing Hyph Mngo when that shit was out, and a special thought for all the people stuck in front of my turntables when i played it, 20% of you guys got it and shaked bodies. Rest of you are certainly not reading this, how much sorry i feel for you…Anyway, here’s a post about Wih’lo, talentuous 18 y.o. producer from Chicago. Yeah, again Chicago and you know already know how long this city stayed hided in the dark…Well, its finally about time, so let’s share our treasure: Wih’lo is one of them. His style is a blend of UK Garage & experimental R&B, if you ‘re into Pariah modified vocals and if your mind is fully open, then i think this will please you. Without falling inside the easy Trap style basslines everyone seems to discover right now (lol) Wih’lo is developping a slow, complex construction of synchs & voices on pads. We can gues influences behind this young cat: from Disclosure to Grimes, New Wave from UK’s to Aaliyah’s R&B_This kid grew up with a serious & experimented background, and i cant wait to hear more_I just hope he wont quit producing_Have a listen & Grab a free Download after the jump if you feel it // I do




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