DOWNLOAD # Julia Holter – Live at the “Ekstasis” album release happening [03.23.11]

27 07 2012

Thanks again to Dublab for sharing this, i dont think you’ll be able to listen to this anywhere else. Julia Holter is simply one of those artists who completely explosed last year.
I dont think i’ve ever seen a Leaving Records artists get so much good reviews, everywhere in the world or online. Then a reissue, articles & so on…Here’s for you the recording
a chance to listen re re listen to her before she comes in town near you. Master Piece



On Sunday, April 1st 2012, dublab & RVNG Intl. presented a free, all ages happening at Atwater Crossing to celebrate the release of Julia Holter’s new album Ekstasis. Julia was joined by drummer Corey Fogel and cellist Chris Votek. Other than those details we will keep it short and simple and let the music speak for itself. This was a performance of sheer beauty from one of one of our favorite musicians. We are honored to share it with you. Please enjoy.






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