BUY & DOWNLOAD # Astro Nautico x Day Tripper presents: “7 by 7” LP [Cassette_Free Digital]

27 07 2012

Another banger from Astro Nautico family, this time teaming up with Japanese based INNIT to bring us 14 exclusive tracks , 7 & 7 by side…but i let them talk about this great & original project // It includes great compositions by RAJA, Space Ghost, Obey City, Madegg, mfp or Avec Avec…without mentioning Ryuei Kotoge!! Oh Yeah, Here are some of our fav artists, way too much underrated…seriously.
If you’re broke, grab a free Digital Download below
If not, i’ll buy that tape. It’s lovely. Really_Merci

An experiment in cultural exchange and sampling, respective music collectives Astro Nautico and INNIT/Day Tripper Records have collaborated on a transpacific project which finds 7 members of Astro Nautico sampling Kurosawa’s “The Seven Samurai” to create a track and conversely, 7 members of Japan-based INNIT flipping sounds found in the westernized version of the same film, “The Magnificent Seven”.

Erik Luebs aka Magical Mistakes (who has previously contributed a track for Atlantics Vol. 2 and remixed Kuhn) will find himself accompanied by up-and-coming Bay Area producer Giraffage, along with three members of Astro Nautico (Obey City, Paul Jones and RAJA) for the release party of this 14-track compilation, which will also be available digitally and on cassette this Friday, the 27th.



Side A: Day Tripper
1. And Vice Versa – Mild Seven
2. Avec Avec – The F.O.R.C.E is with U
3. mfp – must fight
4. Magical Mistakes – Lower the Odds
5. Ryuei Kotoge – 7
6. Seiho – MAD
7. Madegg – Kaila


1. Kuhn – Even Bears
2. Obey City – Rōnin Strut
3. Space Ghost – Always
4. RAJA – Sharp No Wait
5. Paul Jones – Mortal Combat
6. Steve McJawn – Cotted
7. Time Wharp – しばらく待ってください
BUY the tape from Astro Nautico HERE
BUY the tape from Day Tripper HERE






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