DOWNLOAD # Scion A_V Presents Analogue Monsta – Boom [2012]

25 07 2012

This one is for the people who grew up with Jodeci, Guy, R.Kelly, Teddy Riley
and Aaliyah and Badu or Nubians but you’re more than welcome if you never did…but you should…really…do it
It’s impossible to take back the time or travel into it so educate yourself_wrd

Ok ok ok so i repeat again, Analogue Monsta is Suzi Analogue & Tokimonsta, 2 complete
unknown artists you never heard about…and it’s 11 tracks collection, maybe you heard some in different mixes around. But if you never heard about hers individually or in this project, you should. Really. Its full of feelings, talent & open minds_and Suzi knows where to bring you, all SoulFull on Toki’s drums. We do love Tokimonsta, not cause she’s a female. But cause she’s talented. Thats all_Its (REALLY) about time you know this project cuz its fuckin dope, real talents here, no need to argue more even if everyone is wanking on TNGHT right now (and we dont understand why, cause its really wack) Those 11 tracks are full of souvenirs, old moments from the 90’s our 2 artists surely experienced. We do miss this sound, we really do. So when 2 artists are teaming up to dress a great portrait of what is HipHop in 2012, it can just sound like this: aerial, nostalgic, conscient, great structures forming always a dope song_Even if its soft.
Yeah thats what it is, just like a deadly feather that could break your neck in one snare // Im very happy those materials are finally out, i’ve been waiting 3 years for this

We Love Toki & we Love Suzi & if you love SoWhat? you know that too

Go Grab you free Excellent Music HERE

This eclectic pair, made up of Suzi Analogue and TOKiMONSTA , is a duo of rank. Their collective background of hip-hop, psych rock, R&B and electronic has blown both minds and speakers alike. By pairing radio accessibility with radical thinking they’ve managed to created a classic with a twist hybrid that landed their very first single, NXT MSG on BBC Radio 1.



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