FORTHCOMING/PRE-ORDER # DJ Shadow – Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions from the MPC Era, 1992-1996

19 07 2012

Well, for once i guess everybody knows the artist we’re about to talk briefly : )
I dont know if like me you were wondering about DJ Shadow activities recently, but i confess
everytime i was reading online that Beats were the new trend, i so wanted to jump from the window…
…And even if this is still happening (read: im f* sick of people talking about topic they ignore or pretend to know)
today this previews just bring the fuckin topic to it real place: Beats never died, beats never needed a trend

Here is for sure one of the record you should get this year for many reasons:

1) its DJ Shadow

2) Finally, some (i should say a few) of his past productions straight from the MPC
between 1992 & 1996 are available for the masses // If you werent born or were too young, you’ll get what you need/missed and for my fellows double H Heads ya’ll know this is gonna be just like in “Back To The Future”: Hey Doc!!
As im listening to the preview and writing at the same time, i can tell you this is pretty exciting.
Lots of materials, and plus: you’ll recognize a sample used by Cypress Hill later for an interlude in Temple of Boom (1995)
between the amount of instrumentals right here

Without describing all those pure diamonds on wax, im just gonna say: Pre-Order this
If not, sincerely, i cant do much for you, you’re definately not HipHop. Leaving Proof son


Out August 15th

>> Exclusively available at DJSHADOW.COM <<






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