DOWNLOAD # Go Dugong – White Sun EP [AMDISCS]

19 07 2012

Hard to preview and post about all releases coming out from AMDISCS camp’, seriously difficult
and it will be pretentious to say i listened all of those gems, bizarre, pushing limits materials…Some of my fav’
records from last 2 years have been signed by AMDISCS. This label is a very hard working one, and their signatures
always surprised me, and i’ll confess that im not the only one here in Paris to be amazed by them…Big Up Hartzine ; )

Today, i wanna talk about this brand new release (also a free gift) by Go Dugong, an italian composer that bring
some of the finest dreamchillspacewave around, even if yes i cant say im listening to all…Who can do this anyway?
Music needs ears but mostly it needs available brain grey mateer_What is it that so great with this record?
Today, you won’t need so much open mind, and you’ll probably enjoy this EP one shot, cause it’s chill my man.
And it’s summer, and so many fuc*ed up tings happening around the world, and we all deserve a f*ckin moment
of “easy listening” (i hate this fuckin easy listening shit stuff, i feel like i work at the fuckin buddha bar and yeah,
i already said Fuck Fuckin Fuck too many times in an article_but hey it’s a personal blog: mine and i’m here to express
personal views right? I should also review horrible records or overrated artists, but i have no fuckin time for dis.
We only have time for good music right here, then let’s try to make something kind or usefull after that.
Or load this into ur player, get some kush & a bicycle_Have a ride_Don’t rush

We are very happy to release new Go Dugong ‘White Sun’ EP.
Go Dugong is a one man project based in Italy that combines dreamy chillwave sound with glitch-hop and lo-fi shoegaze soundscapes.
Enjoy it, download for free, it’s your summer.

Download for free!
Purchase CD for 8€ incl. shipping

All songs performed and recorded by Go Dugong
except for voice and guitar in ‘White Sun’ played by Welcome Back Sailors
Mastered at Alphadepth (Bologna – IT)

©2012 AMDISCS & Go Dugong. All RIghts Reserved.(AMDD106)


The opening title-track White Sun featured the “never boring” italian duo Welcome Back Sailors   is a very
progressive synth languorous that remind me of some….Sinead O’Connor!?! Yeah i love her, this lovely
progression is followed by a surprising garage/glitch tune that remember me Youandewan or Disclosure in a way,
with a very deep & melo landscape surrounded by a dope rough synth evolution, completely dancefloor voice overall: -touché-
Track 3= Well guys, the 2 first are already stuck in my mind and the track 3 is also different from the beginning,
this sh*t is loud: Burial style snares (a complete & combo surprise), unsyncs synths & harpsichord touch makes
this track one of my favourite of the EP. Then the 4th is starting already on a very electro style from Brighton’s Fujiya & Miyagi or Sumsun’s Samo Milagro parts i really loved, the beat is well built, very progressive even if it started quite high, and all of this is  surrounded by a 200% wave style chants: Hypnotic.
The last tune, number 5, is very close to the 3rd one but starts like a chill electro one, when suddenly the beat is almost slowing down when the saturation over the Korg, in a (diet, of course) Mono/Poly style. The breakdown let us ear a background we couldnt get at first_All this finish in an absolute saturated harpsichord…

-We Want More-






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