DOWNLOAD # Various Artists – AURAL STIMULI Vol. 2 [Resonate]

18 07 2012

A monthly Northern Cali event dedicated to the evolution of dirty beat science, consider yourself a lucky muhfuckah…

At least, you know where you’ll end up ; ) Here’s the 2nd part from Resonate camp.
Straight from Stockton, north cali, representing for that beat family you love so much.
Don’t panic cause right here are featured artists from very different landscapes, and some we talked about
already here at SoWhat? From Mono/Poly to Devonwho, Knxwledge or Gypsy Mamba (who signed the cover as well),
elusive, Co.Fee, Insightfull & some others u probably never heard of if you’re not living in Cali…or if you dont spend
your free hours online listening weird stuffs_By the way, you should do it.
Both of it: Live in California & Spend your life listening music

Pretty good plan, where do i have to sign?
Enjoy this (Free) compilation and share it






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