DOWNLOAD # Ras G – Cosmic Tones 4 Mental Therapy Vol.1

11 07 2012

I’m posting this in case of you guys missed it.
Ras G posted this just before flying to Japan for LowEnd Tour
Lucky you if you were there_Hope u came back on earth since that, ur boss is worrying now
ahahahahahahaha Anyway stop the BlaBla, kick that shit louder and keep your minds open for whats coming next from Ras>>El Aylien Vol.II coming soon over Leaving Records & maybe a Raw Fruits Vol.3?

Cosmic Tones 4 Mental Therapy Vol.1
(not in order)
GB, Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Kutmah, Matthew David,Smegma,Mono/Poly,Misel Quitno,Peter B,Professor Cantloupe, La Voz Sabia De Los Cosmos,
Pudge,Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, Mr Oizo,John Baker, Warner Jepson, Carlos Nino & MIguel Atwood Ferguison, Lady Oblivia, Bama,Ta` Raach,…………..and Ras_G

Smoke that…….Eat these…lay back…….and let go 2 this _Brotha There

Free download link….again….



2 responses

8 08 2012
hypnotherapy seattle

This is really can be downloaded?? I thought this only comes with a tape?

9 08 2012

yes the sendspace link is the one provided by Ras G. I dont know what tape u refer to, but new cassette is coming via Leaving Records soon. This mix is given for free // OH RAAAAAAAAAAAAAS

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