DOWNLOAD # yΔGi – fL◇wErs EP [Trane.]

4 07 2012

Let’s look for a while more over the East, or West depends where you are right now on our planet.
Yagi is actually killin’ it at Trane. ,  alongside Ill Sugi (check Stoned split project HERE), or Bugseed to name a few
We all know Japan is a massive “market” for Hip Hop, and it’s more relevant when you look at where LowEndTheory
is exporting itself 2 or 3 times a year. Also, to be mentionned, Japan & California entertain pretty good relationship.
LA Love JPN comps showed it to you if you didnt know, plus tons of artists collaborating together since ages: from Krush with Ronny Jordan, to Goth Trad with DMZ & so on & so on…Aren’t we the ones diggin for all those Japanese Retails CDS??? Ya’ll know the drill // So today (and next days) expect pretty big things, don’t miss releases i’ll post.

Sincerely: please press Le Play button

Flowers EP is under: HipHop Rap Beats sp404 Japan categories, and well, i dont need more to be curious about this.
Are you? If not, it’s ok, if you pressed the play button already, you are now completely AWARE. This short beat tape will make any of us happy: not even 15 minutes but 8 different worlds, full of loud jazzy loops, break ya neck beats, langourous vocals from Saturns rings, late snares, sand in the speakrs, hands over the ashtray. Thats how you will end up. That tape is a name your price, but you can grab it from MF, so you won’t have to cut the music you’re listening righ now.
Use the famous “click right open in a new tab” son.


If you’re not too lazy you’ll find more gems diggin’ after diggin’…
…if not, stay tuned for the end of the week. I’ll post you much more spaceships for you to escape this daily Madness.




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