3 07 2012

Right now, i feel like a marathonian. I just end up my run after almost 50km non-stop.
I have no more sttrenght, my legs hardly support my weight. Im going under this Sponsor tent
get some water or whatever chemical beverage is available around.
I need some fresh air, this marathon was difficult one. I get out of the tent, have a walk and breathe.
Suddenly, i hear “Freeze, Dun Move, On the Ground”
Obviously, those pigs are dealing with the wrong Ethiopian.
I can run. Faster. Longer. Really…

Here’s my 2nd marathon starting.
And here’s the announcement of the 2nd volume of Hit+Run’s Road Kill.
Believe me, i didnt even get some time to recover from the 1st episode
(Review & infos here)
and those cats are already announcing a new one, full of 26 new tracks…

It’s ok. I run faster. I run much more longer…until TUESDAY, JULY 31st, 2012


Second installment of the HIT+RUN Presents “ROAD KILL” compilation series.
Volume 2 includes 26 exclusive & unreleased tracks from the Los Angeles, London, San Diego, San Francisco, Tucson, Orange County, Sacramento and New York underground,
available on a limited-edition digipak cd featuring: 


01. Contact Field Orchestra “Cfounk”
02. Mophono (feat. Bellow Garmon) “Old Illusion”
03. Psychopop “Masters 2012”
04. Jonwayne “Dropped Calls”
05. Gnar “Combat”
06. Kutmah “Smile Today”
07. Pablo Ygål “Love Is The Master Key”
08. Abcnt (feat. Ali Baba) “Abnormal Arrival”
09. So What (Feat. N8 NoFace & Zackey Force Funk) “Kill’t”
10. Free The Robots “Snake Charmer”
11. Darkhouse Fam “Thick Thighs”
12. Tony Nickelplated “Crushtron”
13. Dibia$e “Deal With It”
14. Dirg Gerner “Azul y Blanco”
15. House Shoes “Murder Music”
16. Nobody “Dungeon”
17. Computer Jay “Uppercut From Above”
18. Superdeluxe “You Are Somebody”
19. CX Kidtronix “Gnarly”
20. Hashim B. “Hitto-Ando-Ruuunnn!”
21. Om Unit x Sweatson Klank “Old English”
22. Strangeloop (feat. Van Detta) “Higher”
23. Bomarr (feat. Zackey Force Funk) “Don’t Swim With The Sharks”
24. Co.fee “The Chase”
25. N8 NoFace “Enemies With Me”
26. Carlos Niño “Bashar”

Also available on iTunes (with BONUS TRACK “War” by Crimekillz) and also digitally through Bandcamp

**Each digipak order comes with a FREE limited-edition CREW sticker.


Oh, and, if you didnt cop the 1st volume, its not too late at all, check the previous link in the article.
If you are too lazy to scroll back, here’s what KUTMAH made of it in 25 minutes.
Do i really need to tell you to click this? And Joy




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