DOWNLOAD # Haleek Maul – Oxyconteen EP

3 07 2012

Artwork by Adam Patterson

Cat. Number: ME041
Released 18th June 2012


If you missed what happened until now, about Haleek & Supreme Cuts
(Check out fresh TheFader mix by SupC Here)
I feel a bit sorry for you, but i still love you my dear curious lil’cat

I truly believe in those artists, and i’m pretty sure they will have a serious future together
It started already, and thanks to Sup’Cuts for discovering Haleek first and trusted in his talents.

This (very much awaited) new material by Haleek is a fuckin bomb. Trust me.
You might have heard some of those sickness already posted around as 88 or Gully but we have
new ones to eat and also that fuckin good King Britt’s Fraulein, i was waiting for so long //

So Thanks to Merok for releasing this absolute banger. I wont lie by saying this EP deserves all your attention.
And when i say all your attention, i mean ALL, so download this (it’s a free EP)
Cut your (not so smart) phones & Play this on your speakers.
I said Speakers, not computers ones…this aint speakers. This is shit.

// Believe in Haleek // Peace //


Merok Records




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