WATCH & DOWNLOAD # You’ll Soon Know with: Tim Parker, Mike Soops, Ahnnu, Mndsgn [06.18.12]

28 06 2012

In case you missed this (excellent) session live from L.A. you can stream again the video broadcast
and download yourself a mp3 archive for your player or office. Sure ting is your colleagues will enjoy this
If not you still can tell dem to wear their beats by Dre and listen shit 128kbps into it

One Love YSK Dublab & NTS

“After doing our bi-weekly radio show on NTS for just over a year we had our second opportunity to do an outside broadcast, once again from dublab in Los Angeles. We wanted to bring some of the fantastic local talent to the airwaves so called on our friends MNDSGN, Ahnnu and Mike Soops to join myself (Tim) and bring some West Coast flavor taking you on a journey of sounds and tempos. Thanks to all involved and we hope to be back over again soon, until then you can catch the usual show bi-weekly by clicking here.”
You’ll Soon Know





If You Want to dig a bit more, Ahnnu & MNDSGN are featured in some points on this blog




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