DOWNLOAD # K.RUDD – W.I.M.I. [When Innovator Meeets Improvisor]

7 06 2012

Don’t be the fool missing those gems, 100% produced by SomeWhere Else !!! WUT ???!!!!
(except some ShlohmoS ; )

It’s all dopes, it’s all smokes, it’s all for yaz know trippin’ Brothers

Fuck i dont wanna talk at all / One ting sur’iz dat shit is WICKED BRO / 7 minutes til work done and i go fly

Most of those are great but ok my Fav’ Toons out there R =
WYN Anthem,
Mario Kart,
Tones (Feat Agendas),
257 (Feat Lonnie Ro.),
and Of Course
Fvck The Illuminati



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