DOWNLOAD # Kelpe – I Felt Fuzzy Remixes [FRET006]

6 06 2012

Artwork by Rimrimrim

Solid free remixes EP u dont wanna miss_Again a serious & unexpected release from The Svetlana Fam’
I hope for you u didnt sleep on dem cause since the time loads of amazing music has been released
& im not gonna make you cry so go check by Yourself HERE
Don’t get mad with those 3 gems, just play dem on & on & on & on…
Seriously one of my fav’ release this year_See? Dun need to send me 60 beats
Just 3 dope ones always murdera…


After a long gap we’re happy to bring back our FRET series of free releases, and sticking with the tradition of highlighting up and coming producers we’ve got a banging glitchy remix from Huess and a more mellow tech approach from Scrase.  As an added bonus we’ve got an unreleased remix from Cupp Cave who’s bubbling hot right now with his latest release on Ramp. 

Huess has been producing music for a few years, veering between flatpick guitar musings, Detroit techno and comedy rap alter-ego Breakmaster Bitch. Accidentally acquiring a late night DJ slot on local radio in West Yorkshire enabled him to put together experimental ambient and chill out sessions to an audience of 6 or 7, before he arrived at the sampling/cut-up style that’s now his signature. He’s released three EPs on Inaudible Answer available via his Bandcamp, including remixes from Kelpe and Fulgeance, as well as contributing to the recent Finest Ego UK/Ireland compilation.

Greg Scrase has also been producing under the radar for a few years, dropping Aphex influenced techno on a number of netlabels, including Militant Science, Audio Aubergine and Love Love. He’s due to release on Organic Analogue, a new physical imprint from the Audio Aubergine crew.

Cupp Cave should already be known to you. He’s a fast rising star under both Cupp Cave and his alternative Ssaliva alias, with releases on several labels. Grab his most recent release on Ramp




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