DOWNLOAD & WATCH # Haleek Maul – 88 [Prod. by The Drum] // Fraulein [Prod. by King Britt]

31 05 2012

Haleek Maul caught my attention couples of months ago when i saw his name floating around Sup’Cuts one…
I Love You Guys
And to not be called a liar, im gonna say i never heard about this cat until this.
And there are few reasons about that. First, this guy is “only” 15 years old. And believe it or not, but its not shocking me at all. It’s just reflecting the true reality that this world is getting more and more fucked up, but hey the good news is that there are more young cats aware about this than what you (we) thought. I confess here in Paris, it’s hard to be optimistic concerning the new generation. Okay enough bullshit sorry, i dont have the pretention to tell you all about this future Big Name (im not the only one, and wont be the last to tell you) so if you’re curious click the link after the music to jump into The Fader Interview they did 2 days ago. Concerning the forthcoming releases, be aware that on June 14th, Haleek Maul is gonna drop his first EP called Oxyconteen via Merok Records, check out the 1st video from it called Fraulein, produced by Monsieur King Britt !!  // Also to be mentionned the release this summer (August?) of a mixtape for Мишка NYC produced by Supreme Cuts a hundred percents, give it a try with the 2nd audio installement of this post: a nice gift from Мишка
Watch This Space  // Nuff Said_now Get High

88 is produced by The Drum and i have no ther choice than telling you to check him out as well HERE

>> Interview: Haleek Maul by The Fader <<



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