DOWNLOAD # Profesor Panson – Trails EP

15 05 2012

Trails EP by San Jose based producer Profesor Panson will make your musical journey.
– Trust Me –

It represents a Year (“or so“) of P.P. creations, and this year is about to blow your mind.
Let me be clear here, and i wont keep on talking rubbish about why you should get this, or how this break is kind of
similar to that or what feeling it brings to me. If i post about it, it means i already really enjoyed it since the last 30 days.

Some people hate it, or are fed up with it, some are not and I belong to the 2nd category.
I hope we will never give up on this sound: the sound of the 404 // U might have been hooked by it without even knowing
it was a 404 or 303 or 555; and all the Roland family is not as much known as their MPC cousins…BUT
If you’re diggin’ the music of those following producers, you’ll be happy:
Robot Koch, Samiyam, Nosaj Thing, Flying Lotus or Yuk to name a few…
It’s quite hard for me to find any infos about P.P. except that he’s from San Diego, he released tracks via Senzu Fam’
and also published a split EP with Jus Gates i didnt choose to talk about today, but you can get it >> HERE <<

So as i said, Trails EP is a kind of compilation of a year beat producing, and u will find most of those pieces
over his soundcloud // So dig the man, bookmark it if u can (like registering soundcloud maybe?) and send it to your best friend



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