DOWNLOAD # Bodyguard (James Ferraro & Teams) – Silica Gel [Free Mixtape]

15 05 2012

Before keep on reading this i suggest u Jump HERE to read the previous post about James Ferraro last record: inhale C-4 $$$$$

James Ferraro has teamed up with Sean Bowie aka Miami composer Teams to form this super band BODYGUARD
and before u keep on reading this (sorry its not a bad joke) you HAVE TO listen to Dxys Xff, his release on AMDiscs,
which is a pretty fuckin great record. Im very happy i bought this sh* on Wax
It’s also a pure beauty object. So yeah do not hesitate to listen to it HERE

Now you have probably all keys into your hands to understand or, at least explore. And i know it’s hard to follow James Ferraro projects…
I know…but it’s worth it trust me.
So here’s the release following inhale C-4 $$$$$, and it’s also a free “mixtape” called Silica Gel



Ferraro & Bowie will release a (probably) official LP this summer via Hippos in Tanks (probably) under the name of  Bodyguard (probably)
And it’s gonna be surely dope. Dont trust me? Let’s talk about it in 3 months u lucky bitch_now get this and play it fuckin loud

Your neighbours deserves it



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14 09 2012
Learn Scribbles

Saw Bodyguard in DC last night with Ariel Pink and Moon Diagrams… All were equally awesome, but as I lean more towards electronic music (FSOL is my hero), Bodyguards and Moon Diagrams stole the show for me. Tanx 4 de trax

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