DOWNLOAD # NXB LP (from Triad God) – UUUTapes

9 05 2012

About a year ago, (i dont remember how) i ended up on Vinh Ngan page…It took me some time to click the stop button.
It sounded like not so much things i heard until now, maybe Black Zone Myth Chant or more recently Romare’s Mediatations had that effect on me. Like Opium u know. _ I am deeply in love for people who are doing their own shit, and also those who collect their ingredients for years before even start to cook.  Vinh Ngan sounded like i was watching a John Woo movie and suddenly i didnt follow the main hero, i ended up in this small no exit lil Soi i couldnt escape except the noise of this Disco beside and this street preacher in my head. It was f*cin hypnotic. It also reminds me Metallic Falcons, that side project from 50% of Cocorosie. If u never heard Metallic Falcons, please DO.

Anyway, what u are about to listen is a movie, as long as u dont speak viet or chinese, u wont get anything. But its all part of the charm. I really love this record. It’s really really refreshing as it seems all music journalists has turned their interest to Footwork right now. Beats Trend is dead, and it feels so good. U know, when ghetto birds eyes are watching somewhere else? Now we can turn back to a normal speed_ and think more_



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