FORTHCOMING # Salva & Grenier – Wake the Dead / Forest Floor [Frite Nite 014]

27 04 2012

You know im a big fan of Frite Nite, but in case you didnt know, please take time to check the post about their 1st label compilation,
which is one of my fav’ LP of 2011: HERE are past posts about Frite Nite
The point to the present post is that Frite Nite boss Paul Salva, and almighty DJG are teaming up for this new digi single series.
For people who know those 2 names already, u might heard the snippet of this dropping on April 30th. U my man!!

For other regular readers or curious or if you end up here, please stay a bit more, there’s some excellent music going on made by those cats.


Without doing any self promo here, i just wanted to come back a lil bit on DJG carreer, which is one of those so underrated pillar of what people call Dubstep.
I’ve been buying this music since the “first” records reached Black Label in Paris: Cyrus,  Goth Trad, TRG, Headhunter, 7even, DMZ…and DJG.
DJG 1st release was in 2006 on Juju’s imprint NarcoHz (Phuturo rec subdivision) , and from that he signed tunes on best labels: Subway, Tube10, Headhunter’s Transistor,
N-Type’s Wheel & Deal or Pushing Red (which is JusWan label if im right….We miss you JusWan…Seriously) And recently, DJG appears on FriteNite compilation
with a FAYA DEM TUNE called Rites // I played this one a LOT and trust me, if u drop this one at the right time, Crowd will turn into Demons !!!! Ahahahah
If you never ever heard of DJG_Please Go get those 2 Free !!! Albums he dropped about 2 years ago
DJG is now GRENIER, so call him like this from now and except from this most awaited collab 12″, he’s gonna release soon on K7!, GetDarker & Pinch’s Tectonic.
This is gonna be a wicked year for Grenier, and we wish him all the best.

The name SALVA has been floating around here on SoWhat? quite a lot, and his LP is also one of our fav called Complex Housing.
He was touring in Europe with Henry from Outterspace (i wont call him Shlohmo anymore aahahah) and i wasnt there….I was in Indonesia, Java.
It was great, and i know i missed a crazy night…I so wanted to catch Salva….But hey, i’ll go CA and thats about it !!
Owner of Frite Nite, Salva released also on Californian label FoF & Chicago based Tall Corn Music, and more recently delivered a remix for RL Grime
that u checked (if not YOU SHOULD) on the 4/20 Special Releases post HERE
The best way for you to discover Frite Nite is to go get all their FREE TRACKS in the SECTION

FTNT014 Drop on 05.01.12
Bookmark FriteNite Shop to get it first



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