DOWNLOAD # Mach Five # Ratchet Shit Vol.2

25 04 2012

Yall know u’ll find pretty different things on SoWhat…Some days its soft, some days its G
Today it’s OG one
Im not making any fantasm righ here, just some  good crunk bump ass shit
So plug ya speakers or DL this in 10 minutes, burn it on CD, go ride if the sun is there
Here in PAris it looks like i slept 7 months and i just woke up in November
Great to have this into my headphones right now // so i cant even hear the heater sound
Almost May and temperatures isnt rising (Talib-Nubians) at all, maybe 11°C

I remember in 2002, Rap music in Paris was going down. Some people didnt want to be associated
with bad boys, gangs shit so they turned to rock or electro // Today gang shits in Paris is really underground
No one’s talkin about it, and if u read newspaper they’ll never tell how many guns are out there, or relate drive by shooting in suburbs for drugs business…or except when it serves Fuckin Sarkozy security & fear policy..
It’s not U.S. or Salvador yet, but its surely more serious than what medias wanna tell.
Everyone remember their attitudes when some fellas shot on cops in Villiers-Le-Bel…It was a big entertainment for all those racists cunts living into residency area by country side who never ever had to worry about their own safety or their childrens ones, but its into those place that racists party got the most vote last sunday.

I never took another way from this music, G or not, East or West…If u’re into this “beats” trend since 2 years, you or your website (you know…archives) and cant stand G-Funk or Crunk, then u never been HipHop man…Wait until next trend_Something is telling me between Juke & Jungle?
Too bad, here in Paris Only few people rule this business already.
Big Up all my true Junglist, Big Up BootyCall

Sorry for my experimental beats readers but today is about Hussslin’ with the cold
If i could blunt my office…

Cop The volume 1 HERE



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