CLASSICS # Radio Nova 2001 – DJ Volta’More Breaks // Laurent Garnier // Roniz Size Reprazent

24 04 2012

Here we go for another archive tape_I went to my dads about 2/3 weeks ago
and i found a bag full of tapes from my college/highschool era

Here are Two complete side for you // I wont let stuff up for so long
only about a week, so get it now if you dig // If you wanna get next ones, cause i might not
post here all i will upload >> Follow this Soundcloud Account HERE

A Side is 45 minutes from DJ Volta radio show called More Breaks, on Radio Nova
This one is from May 2001, recorded on shit Hi-Fi discount i had when i was 10
Sorry about the sound, but charm is there_Volta is one of the pioneers of Jungle/DnB in Paris
alongside Science, Anakyne, MrActiv, Willyman, Otis & im sorry if i forget some of you guys
OneLove BLACK LABEL !!!!

B Side is a bit particular, but i think u’ll love it
End of Volta show, as i recorded all of it. Then its going on another show from Radio Nova
this one by Monsieur Laurent Garnier, yes correct_We were enough lucky to be blessed by Garnier
DJ Mixes every week, full of brand news promos….Damn i miss Vinyls Era, real readers will understand
And u wont have all Garnier show, cause i used this cassette to release a performance i caught on TV
Roni Size Reprazent Live @ St Malo, France 2000
I dont think this has been released, ever…I was zapping the f* TV and i see this
i couldnt believe it that Reprazent was on TV, Live and Fuckin wicked
So i just plugged TV and recorded straight from it // Charming
The tape fucked up a bit when i digitalized it // But its all Good

And Joy



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