STREAM & PRE-ORDER # Lorn – Ask The Dust LP

19 04 2012

Lorn will release his 2nd full-length album on Monday 18th June via Ninja Tune.
We all remind , and probably as me still playing his debut LP on Brainfeeder called Nothing Else
with such quality tunes and unique identity, Lorn is one of those unique artists you can defo recognize
the touch at the first measures…And this is a compliment // We catched Lorn in Paris 2 years ago alongside Hud’Mo, Mike Slott & Toki. Saying it was rough is an euphemism as he completely blew people’s mind.
People who came to hear Lorn were not disappointed AT ALL (i mean personally i wasnt) and those who never heard
anything by him are or deaf by now or into an asylum ahahah. We failed at sharing a pot with him on the terrace…
But he’s a super nice person & if you were still wondering “When Lorn will drop his new complete material??”
U have ur answer by now:  June,18th is the time. So mark your agenda
And be sure not to miss this by pre-ordering it now at Ninja Tune website.

Lorn will support at Amon Tobin after-show in Paris @ Petit Bain, Thursday 10th May
More infos here

“Lorn returns with a new full-length album, his debut on Ninja Tune, and it’s a huge stride forward since Nothing Else (released on Brainfeeder, June 2010). Listening back to his first album, Lorn says it now seems “cold and strict.” Ask The Dust, on the other hand, is “haunted, oily, smeared,” and with this description he captures something of the intensely felt, visceral aliveness of the music.

If Lorn began his musical career as a poet of alienation, then Ask The Dust (named after the 1939 proto-Beat classic novel of the same name by John Fante) sees his music develop a more human energy. In particular, the use of his own singing voice (a process which began on the last track of Nothing Else, “What’s The Use”), which has added a new dimension to his often crunching and brutal but never less than beautiful electronic music.

Take “Weigh Me Down,” where Lorn comes surprisingly close to glitched-out soul music. It would be easy to overlook while reaching for muscular superlatives, but his music is also supremely melodic, where a tune like “The Well” (ostensibly “a soundtrack to being buried alive”) is memorable for a melody that nags at your brain long after the music has stopped. 

“Dead Dogs” combines spectral choirs with explosive drumming, (one of three tracks with live drumming). “Chhurch” combines the feel of early electro with Lorn’s own highly developed aesthetic (originally written on tour, GonjaSufi came up with lyrics to accompany it, but never recorded them anywhere else save his iPhone). But it’s on a tune like “Ghosst” that he shows the sheer energy and raw drive he commands. It is exhilarating and slightly terrifying all at once. 

Other highlights include, “This”, a wipe of a hand across a chalkboard, so to speak. A simple sequence to reset things, a mantra to calm the nerves. “Diamond”, was among the first written for Ask The Dust, while Lorn was still up in northern Wisconsin, the last surge in his isolation, over the expanse of the lake in the house his grandfather built 

Since the release of Nothing Else, Lorn has toured the world alongside the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Amon Tobin, and GonjaSufi to name a few. He became a devout owner of a B5 A4, and much like his dedication to music and art, wasted no time tearing it apart in order to learn how to put it all back together again. Ask The Dust suggests he’s learnt to do much the same with his emotions.”




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