DOWNLOAD # You’ll Soon Know: Get To Know 01

17 04 2012

Massive respect to the people over YSK, a blog im following since a while now.
YSK was one of those serious website i was checking alongside MOOVMNT or FRSH SLCTS to name a few
At least the most serious (i wont forget Sonic Router as well)
So it’s with a big pleasure that i introduce you this very 1st compilation EP, you’ll soon know yes yes!!
And also im very happy to see my good friend Lord Boyd on the tracklist, alongside Fancy Mike
who is actually touring with Sonic Boom in Europe (Big up ZOOBOOK Agency for the good work!!!)
SertOne & JJMumbles comes to complete this solid 4 tracks EP

Its kind of achievement (even if its just the very beginning for YSK, i hope!!) to see those 4 artists
on this release, some of you surely know them by the time, and for the other ones, i think the YSK concept is kind of fuckin working here: IF U DONT KNOW, NOW U KNOW !!!

Enjoy this free EP and please bookmark them, go show some love cause there not so many good music provider those days. Some are screaming on rooftops since Beats are trendy that they’re the reference, but my vandals fellows will tell ya: It’s the ones who talk less that are doing the most!!! Big Up YSK

Get to Know is a new EP series that we here at You’ll Soon Know have started in order to showcase people who’s music we’re really feeling. Each installment will feature an exclusive track from 4-5 musicians, spanning from many genres and backgrounds, basically if we enjoy the music anything goes.

This first EP in the series features tracks from SertOne, Lord Boyd, JJ Mumbles and Fancy Mike. For more info about each of the artists invloved check out after the jump.



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