DOWNLOAD # BoomBaptist – The Lost Files Vol.1 2003-2005

7 04 2012

It’s saturday afternoon, and the mood now isnt really about anything complicate.
If you are HipHop just stop reading and play/buy/download this good collection of beats.
If HipHop makes you freezy breezy, i still believe some of those pieces will entertain yall, as i said nothing complicated or torture minded. Just some very jazzy, mid 90’s flipped samples, acoustic drums: Solid.
I also believe that MCs who will end up on this page, will find some proper materials for words toastings

Be Sure to check out BoomBaptist Soundcloud over HERE
and dont miss a Twitt HERE

This is a collection of beats created on my first MPC from 2003-2005. It is the first of a four-part series that progresses through time up until the release of my beat tape in 2009. It is also a thank you for the overwhelming support I have recieved up to this point.
Thank you,

If any Downloading problem, they up it at Mediafire HERE



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