WATCH # Petites Planètes //\\ volume 20 //\\ ONE MAN NATION, Singapore

3 04 2012

This is a short film made by Vincent Moon,
a part of his Petites Planetes project [in quest of mystical anarchism or something around]
i met Marc Chia aka One Man Nation last year in Singapore.
He was going back to Spain so i didnt really have the chance to hang out so much
He’s actually back in Singapore, as on the [ 05/04 ] he will perform at [ Singapore Art Museum / 1900hrs ]
If you ‘re around, i really suggest you to go

This piece is really great and as im not familiar with his past performance i cant say much but this scream…the noise of a partiular present moment recorded and digest and entirely regiven is kind of great. I mean the energy of this video is amazing.



petites planètes | volume 20


SINGAPORE, december 2011

images & edit by vincent moon
sounds by marc chia
mix by justin seah
produced by vincent moon & marc chia
with the help of dona inthaxoum

special thanks to harry chew and nina chabra

20 min soundpiece + texts + bio at

One Man Nation –
The Unifiedfield –

*it has been in Paris too…. Get Up Stand Up!!



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