2 04 2012

Basically last week, someone uploaded that ZoOoOoOoOp instrumental version from Kidka
I just took some pleasure re-listening to this gem again. And i didnt think it will be from the present compilation…
Looking at the tracklisting, i knew it wont be bad at all: Kidkanevil, Lazloh, Elos,
Elusive, Swarvy, Mezzo, Mastah Syphe & so on…
Most of producers appears in this comp are from U.S.A but i had the pleasure to read some also comes from Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands, Romania or UK. If you’re wondering why you read more & more about East Europe lands & Russia, it’s because there are definately a major scene over there. And the good news is that u still can take this train even if its runing really fast now. An entire post wont be enough to list all artists, labels, venues, webzines in Russian languages or else to establish a complete cartography of the scene. But here, it’s pretty welcomed and you’ll have a yummy panorama
about what is good now, and where the music is kind of going. Of course, i have some favorites here, but i dont want to influence so much, so i’ll just post the complete player.

Fuck it.
Play this, it’s the 2nd track of the comp, and it deserve a proper pair of headphones / subwoofer

This Swarvy reminds me loads of memories from High School and Pete Rock synths…




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