DOWNLOAD # Lazloh – Midnight EP

29 03 2012

I dont know anything about this alien
But im damned happy that i found him…f* yeah im happy
I also wonder if this kid chose his artist name cause of the (only) Lazloh i know…
László Moholy-Nagy (just be curious and click to read about him)
but a thing i stopped wondering about is: if this 17 y.o. guy could actually do good music…

Answer is YES, have a listen and grab the whole project.

We, here at SoWhat, wish you the best Lazloh and to hear from you very soon
Keep In Touch with Lazloh @ SOUNDCLOUD



One response

31 03 2012

Thanks for the love!! I actually first heard the name in the movie “Casablanca”! At first I changed my name to Lazloh as a joke but, it just stuck.

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