28 03 2012

Today is HouseShoes Bday and i wanted to find you an exclusive shit from him,
so we can all celebrate…BUT
I didnt….AND
It’s also Chanes Bday. You know Chanes?

Oh Fuck man, it’s cool you gonna break your neck for the next hour.

Yes you will-Trust Mey

Let’s Celebrate Chanes Day today and as you’re here,
go say Thank You to (IN)Sect Records for the constant great job
>>!/Insect_Records <<

Oh yeah, it’s a free Album (Gratis Man)
with just some of those unknown guys rapping over Chanes beats…

– Guilty Simpson
– Lali Puna
– Kurupt
– Moe Dirdee
– Freeway
– Invy The Truth
Honestly this one never left my iPod since it’s out (last year or something*), some of my fav beats are on this
the way he flipped Michael’s Man in The Mirror is just dope, this one is followed by 167 Clap (that i listened more than 167 times im sure) The track with Lali Puna is a pure beauty….Oh man, i would love to be YOU the one discovering this record. Cause it’s unbelievable how good it is…….Real Knows //


If you wanna celebrate House Bday as well, dig a bit more over here,
you’ll be able to find a Mixtape of Chanes beats by HouseShoes

*i know this one could be into my Best Free Music section…but i had no time_Enjoy




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