BUY & DOWNLOAD # eLaquent – The Scenic Route [Still Muzik]

28 03 2012

For those of you who never heard about those cats eLaquent, Bahwee, HW&W, Mike Gao, Ta-Ku…I really suggest you to follow and bookmark the following websites


After that, you’ll feel much more comfy with all this scene, that we already talked alot about here on SoWhat.

It’s been about a year now eLaquent released his highly acclaimed “The Midnight After”  via HW&W
I wont mention all the great critics this material received, but it’s well deserved as eLaquent always got
a real success and a real sound for those who are diggin’ fresh producers. Just a quick look over his Soundcloud will confirm what i just said: no one can deny eLaquent kicks his 404 like not so many people around. Also those great remix he chose to do: Lil B, Mayer Hawthorne or for the purist (say yeah) Slakah The Beatchild…
I let you be the judge


Honestly, i was more waiting for another forthcoming LP (BAHWEE MAAAAN!!!! BRING ME THE GAP DAMN!!!)
and i clearly didnt this one coming. So it’s a really nice surprise…
The other surprise, and its a big one is that this new LP called The Scenic Route
is out via a french label from Paris (Ouais Gros) called STILL MUZIK
This one deserves a proper post just for the good work they’d put out since almost 5 years now.
(if you didnt see this last year, you missed a great record = QUETZAL)

And the 3rd good news is that The Scenic Route is available on >> Vinyl too ❤

If with all of this, you still have doubts about those folks, i really dont know what to tell ya…
Seriously Brothers & Sisters, there’s so much Soul into eLaquent music you don’t wanna miss this
as Summer seems to be very early in our part of the world: Park chillin, BBQ times, Wall Of Fame under the breeze
I think you got my point: im in love (again) for this new material. This is so much more serious and good than a lot of shit
you’ll find at your records dealer or onto your fav’ website. But let’s see what eQ has to say about it:

“Life is a journey. It is very easy to take the safe path to get to your destination.
But what fun is that? Half the fun of the journey is NOT knowing how you will get there.
Life is far too short to not have fun with it. I could have taken the safe path of life with my university degree and be working a high paying, boring job. Well, I could still do that really anytime I want. Nothing wrong with taking the safe path, if thats what you’re really looking for in life. However, that doesnt do it for me.
I dont want to be an old man, like 70, looking back, wishing I would have kept following my dreams and pursue music when I was 25.

This album is inspired by that very idea. In the past year, I’ve found myself in lots of situations
where I’ve had to choose between professional progression and chasing the dream, much to the dismay of some of my peers and even some of my family. But its all good. I aint even mad. Dont let anybody tell you that what you want to do is a waste of time. Often times the things we look for in life are
foolish to try to chase. Chase it anyways. Who cares. Why not. Have fun. Relax. Enjoy the music.
Take The Scenic Route.”


To end up this short review; even if i didnt talk about my fav choons on this (honestly 95% is my shit)
i will add the fact that Bahwee (THE GAP MAN!!!!!!), Octavio Santos, Dana Washington & Coincidence brings
their creativity to what is already a material full of soul gems.

If you’re wondering how’s the scene in 2012 or if you still believe those craps that HipHop was Better yesterday
you definately need to update you listening intern system.




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