DOWNLOAD # Beat Soup “In-Store” with Jon Wayne & Zeroh Blaqbrd. Hosted by RAS G Live from Poobah

27 03 2012



Basically, you haver 2 options in life:

1- You do have this board access card for the Spaceship taking off from
> 2636 e. colorado blvd. pasadena ca. 91107


2- You don’thave it

I below to the 2nd category. Even if i truly think those ticket to space are already into your mind, you just need the access code.
Well, today i am very very happy. Some times ago, when Poobah announced they will be live streaming Showcases straight from the shop,
i was like Who Damn AIRHOOOOOOORN !!!!! My enthusiasm failed a sec. after i understood it will be broadcast live and….thats it..
No recordings, No podcasts, No Shit. Im based in East Babylon, i cant be online live: im f*
I Cried…Days after days. Like into those parody: “Whyyyyy WHYYYYY !!!!?????” Hands in the sky

Seems like some of my prays reached SpaceBase…And yes!!! Today it’s with a great pleasure (and lil bit late), that i can tell you
We’re gonna Swim into Beat Soup, Dry at Beat Soup and Fly Away with Beat Soup.

Wedidit Take Control and Guests are JooOoonWaynzizooooo & Zeroh aka Blaqbrd.

Captain Ras G on commands




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