DOWNLOAD # Madegg – Teach [FLAUR07]

21 03 2012

Dont touch to your headphones cables.
Don’t check behind your Hi-Fi plugs.
Don’t put that weed back on the table.
It’s all just normal

.Relax. Breathe.

Flau is a record label and event organize based in Tokyo, Japan, was founded in December 2006. curated by yasuhiko fukuzono aka aus.
We’ve released records by Cokiyu, Part Timer, Dale Berning, Geskia!, Henning Schmiedt, The Boats, NOW, aus, Novisad, Orla Wren, Cuushe, El Fog, Colophon, Kumisolo, Radiosonde, Kanazu Tomoyuki, Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, Neon Cloud, MayMay, Madegg, Liz Christine.

Today, Flau brings us a very talented artist from Kyoto, with this 5th releases: Madegg.

Born on July 30, 1992 in Kōchi, Japan and currently residing in Kyōto, Kazumichi Komatsu has been making electronic music since the age of 15. Within the shimmering psychedelia of his deep-sinking beats, Madegg can evoke a startlingly intense presence. As his music freely crosses between dubstep, chillwave, house, beat, drone and noise, he seems to digest each of these styles into his sound while crafting melodies that call back to memories of childhood years. Appropriately so, Madegg has recently been expanding his activities, releasing an EP through an internet label and opening for the Brainfeeder crew last fall. After signing in 2012 with Flau, Madegg’s long awaited debut album is set for release this spring.

It’s a 10 tracks release, but already at the 3rd one, you’ll know you in a different spaceship.
All is really really well done, all is very eclectic, so don’t think he cant really produce all this different kind of music. Cause he can. And it’s fuckin good. Believe me, you don’t wanna be the one discovering this in 2016.
Textures are extremly rich and very well organised, melodies can ba as chaotics as lovely.
All i needed today

Get it. Listen to it over & over again.
Spread It. Twitt It. Share It.


– Love It –

Favorite Tracks so far :
7. Gold ❤
9. Filmatra
3. Aaaas ❤
5. Thalassa
1. New Heads
4. Naviea
9. Filmatra ❤



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