19 03 2012

Yesterday i planned to make music all day. After the 3rd coffee i launched the mini box, i was full of hope for that day,
i wanted to make it very productive. Well…things never happened like u wanted to so yeah, (un)fortunately after checking Le Internet, i received this. Believe me, i turned Logic off, i made myself comfortable, had some smokes with a bud’ and when he left, i just played this over & over again…..& more . I didnt even post about it.
Sunday ain’t really the good deal to communicate with people online, and i bet we were all listening to this.
Do Not Disturb says the lil board into Hotels // That’s exactly what i did yesterday
I built one into a piece of paper and i added it to my door, so my roomate wont come over asking for long papers.
Just go buy urself a pack it’s been weeks u get mine…Also, can’t u read?
The fact is i cant share my admiration for Dem Hunger’s music with him…
He just can’t take it_i’ll try again and add some pills into his raviolis.
Who keep on eating Raviolis in 2012?

Anyway, it’s monday and i got this into my iPod, people in the bus looked at me f* weird
If i take off my headphones i’ll hear all dem with Rihanna inside looping and repeating the last Top Chart
Why is it like this? and i cant drive the bus myself? while the driver is listening to Cleaners.
I always wanted to have my own bus and tons of friends up to paint it
If my friend Sayeo could read me now, he’ll probably be up for an automatic drawing session on cops trucks

Yeah thats the sh*t, playing this is making time goes like u wanted it brother
Play this and fried your brain to be a new Salvador

I already told a lot about Dem Hunger, maybe too much i said,
but here is what VLEK have to say about it

I can’t thank you enough guys to landed on our planet and to release this.

We’ve decided to start a new series of digital releases to better represent the incredibly creative people we’re surrounded with: “VLEKD”.

All of the releases in this series will be free or at ‘fan-set price’ with no minimum.

The first one is a FREE WANDA GROUP FULL LENGTH (22:44): CLEANERS.

WANDA GROUP was formerly known as DEM HUNGER, who also featured on our very first and acclaimed “AMAI” 7” (alongside CUPP CAVE).

This 8-track album announces a WANDA GROUP vinyl release on VLEK this autumn.



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