14 03 2012

“you should never judge an album by its cover

Well, this is fair enough to be mentionned. But i’m more into trying to remember the amount of EPs LPs that i discovered
because of their covers. There are many artists as this guy i really love artworks, collages, cissors addicts sessions:
Dem Hunger is one of them, Jeremiah Jae is one of them, Dakim is one of them…
And i thank him already for all those beautiful covers: again, a Plane one is (i think) a master-piece
DTCPU released not so many things (and this is not a critic) but he’s a very busy guy.
The listen you’re about to start will tell i’m right, cause those collages are true pieces of work.
If you’re not familiar with his works, you might be happy to learn that he’s playing very often alongside others
i talked already such as EMV or Matthewdavid, but if you’re looking for dancefloor anthems, you better check other posts..
Here’s Art Music, and the best way to enjoy it is to seat down on the floor, or for the luckiest of you on the grass.
We’re actually blessed with a kind of solar storm, so im sure you’ll find an outdoor situation to isolate yourself for a while.

You deserve it.

One thing that is always true when i listen to DTCPU: Time stop.

Its so full of things: textures, notes, atmospheres, blips, cracks & synths, flangers…
You feel tracks are much more long than what it is actually. 5 minutes of DTCPU time is 30 minutes of human time.
One thing start as an indian woman voice but only for 10 seconds then this voice goes back to the massive noisy cloud behind,
the time you heard this voice and assimilate it, it gone already. It plays on both of you: your direct listening abilities and it work on you also when it gone: things are not what you think they are. A part is leaving inside you & make time sounds longer.
The artist just pointed it.
It reminds me, that time goes faster depending on what you’re doing: Run & time will goes slower, stay static and time will fly.
If you’re travelling to Mars, and come back, there are plenty chance your kids will become grannies facing a still young astronaut.

You dont need any spaceship right now, just plug your speakers
enjoy your favourite drugs: it can be a deep breath of fresh air on a top of a hill. Watching Nature or Clouds.
It can be more

a Plane is a 2 side works, thanks for that: not 35 pieces of 1’05
I’m wondering if all has been done into the SP555 or if some other stuffs have been used.
But the result is excellent again. Im not disappointed at all about those works.
And really looking forward a physical material by DTCPU in a close future.

If you’re wondering what drug is DTCPU using, here’s your answer



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21 08 2012
LISTEN & DOWNLOAD # DTCPU – live dublab “sprout session” (06.25.12) « SO WHAT? DI KHRAP!

[…] you must) remember the past releases he putted out. Many of his releases appeared over here: from a Plane to Microwaves / Friends & A Bird and all those great reworks/refllipped / remixes for Mezzo, […]

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