DOWNLOAD # The People / The Scene / The Life / The Soul – a Global Compilation by TheSoulElectronic

29 02 2012

I will always remember those artists i wrote about, years before mass music media look back on dem.
Nothing pretentious, really.
Some just report/forward Mass Media informations & some look deeper.
I’m convince that we are more into the last section, but some days audience/readers/listeners aren’t really at the Rendez-Vous…
So i guess “Mass” media get more audiences & of course most of time have support from big beverage brand or street wear made in 3rd World..
You know what i mean, so here we go for another deeper post.
(Its gonna be a quick one, i have a major meeting with my bank. And guess what? Not the kind of cool one…but thanks god, the Internet is (still) free)

I just bumped into this pretty pretty prodcution by Sibian & Faun, and a surprise never come alone: the tune is from a free compilation
I let you listen to this first. Plug your speaker please

Quite nice uh?
When i reach the website for this compilation, it says “welcome, human”. So either they’re not, or either its a music to listen with our soul.
Some will say Animals has no soul, but you & I knows this are bullshits. Right on, im gonna moove my ass to the bank (i bring a Tiger.)

(a real one)

And we go enjoy this compilation inna di suburbs bus. Number 285 Paris Transit System, if you wanna meet my Tiger & I


We bring you our first compilation, The People / The Scene / The Life / The Soul, featuring sixteen exclusive tracks from a range of exciting producers. The compilation was a collaborative project between ourselves, Generic People, The Leaving Scene, and Life Crushed— and if you’re at all familiar with these blogs, surely you understand why they’re three of our favorites. A huge thank you is in order to our lovely blogging peers, as it was a pleasure to collaborate with such thoughtful, dedicated individuals. An even bigger thank you, of course, must go out to all contributing artists— and especially the four who contributed a track on our behalf: tasteful newcomer Mig Dfoe, the outrageously skilled Memotone, the deep and revelatory Sarp Yilmaz, and finally, the red-hot bass duo Sibian & Faun. We cannot thank these guys enough!

Take a look at the tracklist (diligently arranged by Riley of TLS) and download the compilation below. We very much hope you enjoy what you hear.

Download: The People / The Scene / The Life / The Soul

01. Apple Bottom – Girl Cry
02. George Jetson – Birthday Sex
03. Sarp Yilmaz – Disco Inferno
04. Lex – What Else
05. Mosis – Waiting Games
06. The Blank – Say It All
07. Sibian & Faun – Remember
08. Stavrogin – Interval
09. Mig Dfoe – Zero
10. Deadbit – Collided
11. Strict Face – Bad Girls Ha (JD’s Club Fuck)
12. Nehuen – I Was There
13. Adlane – I Feel Good
14. Dro Carey – Gunmouth
15. Memotone – They Feel It Moving
16. Tony Devotion – King V.2

(via The Soul Electronic)



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