DOWNLOAD # AMDISCS – A’M 2012 Compilation

29 02 2012

Maybe their name is not anymore unknown from you by the time: LordBoyd, AyGeeTee or Teams have been floating around so u defo need to check those artists out (again) and especially this LP by Teams’s Dxys Xff also look for Lord Boyd in the Maybe section on your right ————————————————————-> Here ——->
Their common point is that they putted out their materials via AMDiscs and AMDiscs are kind of this prolific, around 94 references already, tons of mixes, remixes & also a Festival called Creepy Teepee, also their materials came out on tapes, vinyls, CDRs and so on. So between the amount of materials they have to show, it’s a good news they put out this compilation (free) full of 22 new songs, exclusive including premiere by Honeydrum from their upcoming 7”, featured also ‘Control’ by Police Academy 6 & Arrete: if you didnt check this shit already, you missed something in your life.

Hey, in fact skip the rest of my bullshits words, grab this compilation asap. Play it all day, all week, all night.

Don’t miss Digital bonus version of “A’M 2012” with additional 31 tracks available for purchase with tees designed by AMDISCS & made by NVR MND – (NY-Brooklyn) via : AM2012.BIGCARTEL.COM & WWW.AMDISCS.COM



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