DOWNLOAD & PRE-ORDER # Sun Drums – Sun Drums – Sun Drums – Sun Drums

23 02 2012

“Our shortest track on the EP is five minutes long, you know… that could be a problem for some people (…)

Manchester based label Everybody’s Stalking can be proud for signing & releasing what can be one of the best EP of the year, under the name of Sun Drums…And im not that far from the reality. This EP is a very unique piece of work, and it announce what i hope to be a long & creative carrier. To know more about this Liverpool band, i really suggest you to
>Read The Interview at THE DOUBLE NEGATIVE now<
You can also launch the EP while reading their words. Fo’sho

If the digital version isnt your cup of tea, you betta know you can pre-order now a 12″ Vinyl format from Everybody’s Stalking bigcartel HERE. If not, and if digital is your friend then introduce it to your other friends, or burn a cd & play it in a car (anyone’s car) while you go enjoy forest for this week-end. If you have no forest around you, build one.
I love forests.

I know it doesnt really sound like a review cause im not even talking about the songs now, but believe me its the 3rd times i listen to it entirely this afternoon. And its promising. And you’ll love it. I Dare You.



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