DOWNLOAD # EMV – Resolutions Remixes [Devonwho, Dem Hunger, Off Balance Atlas…]

23 02 2012

Before you enter the main topic of this post, you have to JUMP HERE, to be sure to understand,
keep an ear, put yourself in the centre of attention/perception. Also unplug yourself from work, husband or wife, bills,
tv, radio, social medias and other futile / distrubing things that keep your mind away from the essential: your heart.
EMV aka Eric Vallely just released his tape via Leaving Records ❤
You might heard about some free tracks that have been given away via the label. If not, it means
you didnt click the previous link i expressed you to click….No its up to you, if you wanna die stupid and mind empty.


Now, for those of you who are still around, it’s time for breakfast.
You know, they all say its the most important lunch of the day, well we can’t be more lucky
cause EMV after releasing this pure master-piece of cassette (honestly thinking this words),
is now giving away for free (read correctly) and with permission of their composers:
5 reworks from his cassette Resolutions, made by 5 of the dopest experts…
So maybe the cassetteis not your kind of thing, and im an open mind person (believe it)
then you should give a try to this Fabulous 5 reworks.
OffBalanceAtlas is blastin the 404 on the walls, so it can’t disappoint me
as its also one of my fav activity when i find time to.
A.D.L.R. is bringin a massive DUB Business in the game…
so you better plug those remixes on something big black and cubic, you know…speakers
– When Walter Gross take control its all bout landscapes and progressions, quite Kraut/Indus/LoFi
as many of his past releases (dig more this guy please if you never heard about him…he’s also an EXCELLENT
VHS/Video editor…ok you got me i post that shit cool yo)

Yes its Walter Gross remix, directed by Walter Gross
Let’s get WalterGrossed Together

The last 2 remixes are made by those 2 guys you never heard of, and never cop their music here

– Dem Hunger….HEY YO THIS SONG YES!!!
oh fuck again posting high

– Devonwho-


As i said, 5 remixes, pure fuckin dope….And there are so much more if you dig all of dem




2 responses

27 10 2012

The download is down, any chance can you re-upload it?

27 10 2012

should be fixed now man___peace

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