DOWNLOAD # Raj Mahal – jaR

22 02 2012

Taking some time to post about this good surprise.
A must have from the Bandcamp crates…ya know what it is

It’s not an euphemism to say that there are lot of people in this “Beat” game right now
Most of us are agree on the fact that Beats never disappeared from our k7 player, discman and now iPod
It’s now at “Devant Scène” on most of all big music medias (XLR8R is giving away tons of tracks…as Devnowho or Shigeto to name a few, Pitchfork fell in love for Araab just 3 months ago (yeat it hurts uh?) and so on….)
Im not gonna enter this big competition and tell you that this one is better than the precedent, and why and who and oh Fuck Tha Shit…If competition there is, then it brings loads of good music. Thats all.

Raj Mahal prides himself on his vast experiences that can’t stand in isolation of his music. Spawning from the roots of Detroit’s Hip Hop and Soul Scenes, he brings hypnotic, emotive and cathartic movements with his music, which forces listeners to wonder how far they can go into experimental realms.

So, from Detroit to Chicago, now is Raj Mahal. Im not gonna mention all the Kings and Queens coming out D & C,
for your attention, you HAVE TO know them by the time. If not, you are either under 20 years old, or either looking for a personality…who knows where the Hype will bring you?
What am sure about is that this guy Raj Mahal, just dropped this 18 beats Mixtape, his own beats, mixed by himself.
Always loved this idea, so thats a 1st good point.
Now, concerning the music, i might have a problem to criticize it, cause its really not bad at all. BUT; and thats where some of you will find me a bit lazy: it’s not worked as experimentals stuffs i might have posted in the past.
Well, its not really important cause its precisely the point: it’s not experimentals beats (for once) & it’s damn well soul-ed.
Don’t freak out (or get too wet) cause his name has no relations to any Indian Beat Tapes attitudes:
like i just said S.O.U.L.B.R.O.T.H.E.R.

– Press:Play please –

If after the listen you just had, you can say there are too many influences into this, then you are
as good as stupid. It’s Hip Hop of course its influenced…

Bookmark his soundcloud as you are here:
pretty sure you’ll cop other good stuffs such as this beauty



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