DOWNLOAD # Various Assets – Not For Sale RBMAdrid 2011

8 02 2012

I’ll Keep This Post sticky on front page as RBMA are gonna add one track per day.
Here we go dear followers, the results (or a part) of RBMAdrid 2011
Many many many of you, us, them have been apply, some have been selected, and its now time to get an ear
on what they have been cooking for several days. I truly hope all of them have consider this opportunity
to be reunited in such a nice city (specially for his subway activity…Massive BigUpTVE), surrounded by every one
experiences, skills & visions of creativity. I am maybe asking too much, but i truly hope to see, in a recent future,
an integration of Visual Artists, that will i think bring something more. Im kind of tired of people asking for video clips, when i think all the process can be done together….Think Miles Davis into Elevators To The Gallows, think and create.

Here’s the first bunch of tracks to emerge: with in no particular order of preferences: Claude Speed, Krystal Klear, Canblaster, Ghosts on Tape, Nightwave….OMG this is gonna be so f* good
Im not sure the soundcloud player will automatically update by itself*, and add tracks day by day, but be sure i’ll be checking and add new ones if not. Lets enjoy and Bravo in advance to all participants.

*it is ; )


Today they released the complete under Bandcamp, so get dem all by clicking the image below ; )




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