FORTHCOMING # Moa Pillar – About the Unskilled Worker EP [JUMB008X]

25 01 2012

Any releases coming from FuseLab got my attention.
You might had chance to check out some of their past releases over here:
Soosh, Aeed or Ohsaurus
If not, if you missed those & others, you can start by visit their Bandcamp HERE or their website HERE

Some of my friends are really damn mad about Moa Pillar works
(BigUp Marie!!!)
the previous EP catch all our attention, and if travels rates were not that expensive,
be sure we’ll have book him. In a near future who knows?

Fedor Pereverzev aka Moa Pillar re-creates a rare and in fact unique mood:
serious, with very considerate attitude towards the listener.

This sentence took from Alpha Pup release page, is really well done.
The past EP
was so much more rough than this one, clearly less focused on soundscapes & textures. Well, as im listening to the EP now for the 2nd time of the day, i can tell you that Mr Pereverzev totally considerate your attention.
The EP is opening on a very aerial textured song with softs lo-fi guitar & classy late breaks & beats
that remind me works of Teebs & Burial or more recently Ghostek.
After the first song, you know it’s gonna be beautiful & complex. Cause don’t be fool: that can go together. IDM is already a label, just don’t underestimate yourself. This music is very very accessible, if you give it the proper tools:
Good Headphones or Speakers quality & 30 minutes of your life.
Bass are quite important here (if you read this blog, you already know): about subs of course but you’ll hear it
its also a matter of notes and compositions of the bass, that are more worked than a “simple bassline”
The second thing i truly fall in love for is those distortion / saturation Moa Pillar brings in this project, he uses it as instruments and not only as a general background as Matthewdavid works sometimes. Those saturations are important as much as all varieties of sounds he creates. All this, gives you a great cocktail of where the electronic music is going in 2012. Drums are evolving & surprise you as much as Machinedrum / Sepalcure can do it: from a complete lost in those noises that create rhythms to the “classic” drop of the drums…He also use a lot of delay “SP404 style” that gives this hand made texture: rough & free, better than a delay worked over & over on softwares.

Before you launch the teaser of this new EP, take some time to watch Moa Pillar interview, talking about
Nature, Buddhism or Russian Scene in a backstage style…(well i think its toilets but hey…)

In this interview, Moa Pillar confess he composes a lot of downtempo and thats why his past EP was so more rough,
cause he wanted to cut with this…So here’s what i think, but this 2nd EP is clearly the result of this balance:
downtempo meeting with probably his vision of what music will be in the future: Making music go faster.

About the Unskilled Worker is Moa Pillar in the broadest sense, without grated devices but with the same ideas. In essence, it is impossibly vague but very fresh bass music with completely switched off “lasers” – they are replaced by musician’s favorite ethnic instruments. With the help of them and his own neon voodoo Moa tells the timeless stories of the ancestors and the birth of something new.

The title track About the Unskilled Worker is kind of my favourite of the EP (don’t get me wrong: the whole EP is great)
It even bring me dope DnB memories: those Subs are just too efficient as it’s 12:31 in Paris, and i just had lunch:
pretty good digestion now.

1. Halt and Collapse In Black Mine
2. Nature Theme 1
3. Dolwyddelan Tower
4. Monastery Theme
5. Nature Theme 2
6. The Song of Waiting at the River
7. Nature Theme 3
8. About the Unskilled Worker
9. When Mountains Will Rise In Your Hands
>> Release Date: Feb-14-2012 <<
Moa Pillar on Facebook or  Twitter
FuseLAB on Soundcloud



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