DOWNLOAD # V.A. – Global Compilation Of Beatforms

11 01 2012

I’m not the only thinking this year will be musically an amazing one, and its been only 11 days
we are in 2012, we had already almost 2 weeks of great music to pre-order or listen.
Here’s another free (gratos we say in french slang) compilation coming from i really dont know who
No new beat label caring about this, which is a good news i think. New labels are coming from everywhere
and its getting more & more & more confusing even if some bring more fresh stuffs than majority.
Global Compilation of Beatforms is not “another” beat collection from random dudes, or well maybe it is?
But to me, this one is clearly better. I started listen to it like last week after NYE and the 4 first tunes
have already different textures, and different sound quality (read Lo-Fi / Hi-Fi) Its the first reason why i quite like this compilation. Its already not boring cause from a tune to the other one, filters, quality, cracks & shits gives “body” to the entire record. You probably know most of  the producers over here: Repeat Pattern, Sir Froderick, Ichiro, Bluezr, Ohbliv, RBE, Mark Aubert (yeah that fam’) You wont be disappoint by their works.
Some of the best choons arent by them btw:
(my personal fav at least, even if i include the Ichiro into cause that soul is so there)
– Esh
– Bun with his massive Tychonic beat including Steel Pulse ‘Live n Direct’ voices, delayed kicks, spiral patterns,
additional kind of asian cymbals, ending with this Nigerian skip: its honestly a pure gem you can include in any of your tape / dj set….Yeah do this: Drop That Shit LOUD Ni** please
-Russian producer Vxlam ,even if his beat is less than a minute, it contain 2 things i love:
Sp404 Flanger style mixed with Jean-Jacques Perrey samples of EVA
– Also very happy to see that Textures Master’GLIA is over there too….If you never check out his works
its about time….not disappointed at all with his track: perfect loud sub saturated atmosfear
– Prolific Seattle’ Dil Withers is spreading some dope soul shit around, if you want more of this romantic heat
you know where to click and follow now, please check Camille by this guy its quite awesome.
– Mark Aubert as usual delivers a complete break ya neck beauty….
I so love Aubert works, so underrated why so fuck why….

You got it right?*


*Download includes 4 hidden tracks, ya curious?



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