DOWNLOAD # 22 دقيقة

31 12 2011

Here’s the last episode of the year 2011

I wish 2012 to be anything else than what they say it will be…..

Here’s a selection of songs that make me either cry or go completely high….
From Morocco to Palestine, from Algeria to Syria, here’s the tracklisting for once

1-Muhiddine Al Bagdadi – Al Fajir (Palestine)
2-Sabaya Al Intifada – Min Al Mukha (Palestine)
3-Cheikha Rimitti – Nakhla (Algeria)
4-Matoub Lounes – Thenssa Thafath (Algeria)
5-Lounes Kheloui – Rsas (Algeria)
6-The Master Musicians Of Jajouka – Dancing In Your Body and Head (Morocco)
7-Houria Aïchi & Hijâz’Car -The Grey Mare (Algeria)
8-Omar Souleyman – Jamila (Syria)




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