DOWNLOAD # Yuk – Of Wilderness

26 12 2011

Basically, my favorite Christmas gift of the year…
Im waiting for the next Yuk LP as long as it takes for the security
to leave the train matter how long it takes
Here are 10 remix/collabs absolutely essential from this year
rework of Teebs, Knx or Run DMT, Ras G
If you’re not familiar with Yuk, let me tell you its about time…….how long are u gonna wait
Your weed wont smell the same anymore, trust me yaallll

” A selection of remixes from this past year. Wanted to share these songs through some sort of yuk. collection.
Official and unofficial remixes for and/or from:ahnnu, run dmt / happy family, Teebs, Ras G,
Mane Mane, Ana Caravelle, Anenon, knxwledge, devonwho, and mndsgn.
Also a celebration to coincide with the launching of the “of wildermess” blog.
Sort of an all things yuk. sonic & visual journal. Several upcoming releases this year both art & music!
l o v e & l i g h t “

– yuk.




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