LISTEN # More Wax – A 100% Mo’Wax Radio by Dale Cooper

19 12 2011

DJ, Promoter, Web Designer & friend Dale Cooper, is a unique and major head
for the establishment of Jungle & DnB culture in France. Owner & creator of the site/forum,
a website that became very quickly the biggest web sources for DnB parties, releases & an ocean of topics
some really interesting, some really funny & completely useless. Without this guy, i have serious doubts
that the scene in France will be what it was in the 2000’s.
Except for being the investigator of this legendary website, Dale Cooper is (also) a great DJ, that played alongside N-Type, Headhunter, Noisia, Camo & so much more. LaVibe is still a radio show (since 10 years now)
Listen Here at Mixcloud

To go back to the topic, Dale is (also again) one of the biggest Mo’Wax fan i’ve ever met
He never miss a record, or a Futura2000 exhibition in Paris…..
So it sounds crazy, but Dale created a 100% Mo’Wax webradio
Yes: 24/7 Mo’Wax Records all day, all week, all year
Let’s see what Dale has to say about this project

My name is Ben, I’m also known as Dale Cooper.

I am an hardcore Mo’ Wax collector since 1996 and I’ve setup this web radio as a tribute to the label that changed my life.

My aim is to put up the full Mo’ Wax back catalog played in random order, 24/7. I still need to rip a few vinyls, and I’m also still missing some in my collection, so it may take some time… There are currently 1014 tracks ready to play.

I’ve used MPD for playing, encoding and streaming + a bit of bash, php and javascript to create this page. The push action is provided by Pubnub. There are some improvements to the design planned in the near future.

The stream is encoded in mp3 at 320 kbps with Lame.

At the moment – unfortunately – Flash player is used to play the mp3 stream, because the HTML5 player can’t play the songs continuously. As soon as I fix that issue I’ll get rid of the Flash player.

Most of the covers have been scanned or shot by myself, the rest comes from Discogs or from random websites.

The background pictures are reworked details from “Untitled” (1987) by Futura 2000, shot by myself in Paris.

Thanks to : MoG from the hq rip of MWR138.




One response

9 07 2012
Trevor Wilson

Awesome post. I am also collecting Mo’Wax at the moment, slowly but surely I hope to own more and more, one day I hope DJ all the entire Mo’Wax catalogue too. Let the power of Mo’Wax be with you.

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