Best Free Music 2011 .3 # Bluezr – Gloaming

13 12 2011

Today is a very special post for many different reasons

First thing, there is barely no chance u ever heard of Bluezr (If you know already, Bless ya!)
and im really happy if you discover his (great) works here today. Dont worry !! It’s not too late at all
In case you didnt notice yet, i often post bizarre music, beats, loops call it whatever you want.
Im not trying to be condescendant over here, just tryin to find the proper words to explain.
I barely never ever write any drafts for my posts as i never ever bring any sketches with me when i go paint.
Its about this. I just write what i think, and draw what i see.
For music production its pretty the same: Do Your Thing.


In those time of massive garbage, self promotion & hype yourself sh*t, there are not so much artists that do their own stuffs without paying attention to what/where hype is, what is selling & what to do to get your name hyped all over the web etc etc…
Things comes & goes most people will say…I completely disagree this judgement, which i think is very disrespectful about artists, and more: it gives importance & credits to those pseudo-alternative (web) journalists that are killing music everyday. They make things faster, releases after releases, just following/inventing trends and not standing up to impose their vision or defend an artist. Thats why i took this statement quite a while ago.
A very clear example is what happend to me last week.
I was roaming around Soundcloud, playing tunes after tunes, genres after genres, country after country when suddenly, in the dashboard, i see this incoming track by an artist i really care about. I can’t mention his name, im sure you’ll understand, but not even 2 hours after i wrote about it, i got this message from his “manager” asking me to delete the post, cause the song wasnt supposed to be up or to live…Uh. Hmm Its ok, i understand: i deleted my post.
And so…thats why, this tune is available all over Pitchfork & XLR8R few hours after i deleted mine.
And It’s still there available on their website. So its up and its living!! And its good!!
I asked the “manager” why me and my so shitty lil blog couldnt “talk” or “support” this artist,
I never had any f* answer. Maybe i am too stupid to understand, or too idealistic concerning the “music” community
but it seriously pissed me off since. Maybe i should have repost and say fuck it…But after the big websites took back the information i didnt see the point to repost it….and i hate this website.
The point of this lil parenthesis is that there’s nothing trendy over here, cause there’s only the music I do Care, I do Love and i Do want to promote or write a note inside a post. It’s not gonna improve my stats (i dont give a s*), not gonna bring adds over my page (say thank you) and will just make me smile in 5 or 8 months when i will see posts getting a hundred views, cause finally big s* websites will talk about it.
I dont ask you to understand and sorry for the sabotage
welcome to another weird  FUCKIN DOPE post.


Last week came out this very interesting Ras G interview over LA Record, for the 2×10″ SpaceBase is The Place release.
I suggest you to read it now (yes do it, you’ll be back anyway)


There’s this particular quote i so agree with, that illustrate also the way i see Bluezr music.

When you and Sacred interviewed each other, he was talking about how Dilla would rework songs that were already all around us and change them so they were right in front of people—basically using music to alter the way we look at the world around us. Is that something you try to do?
Yeah—recreate it. Using records and samples and so forth. It really stems from Bambaataa. Afrika Bambaataa. We pay a lot of homage to that cat. Basically like Secondhand Sureshots—it’s being able to pull up any record. Any record—any sound on this planet!—and hearing that frequency within that record, you can recreate that record for certain people. For that certain frequency because you can hear it within that. The record or the song could be total trash, you know? But you hearing certain parts—what they call ‘breaks’ in things? There’s breaks in every music.
All sounds, all frequencies.
That’s the connection—that re-creation of that music is a re-connection with the people,
with all music and all things they never knew existed.

It’s all about dusts & frequencies.
Does dusts has a special frequency? We say YES!
Does frequencies collect dusts? We say NO!
If you follow WeDidIt (you better) you surely bumped into that Interview of Bluezr
that came out early this year, if not: JUMP
Bluezr (real name Dakota Greaves) is a 23 years old cat currently leaving & producing music in Oakland,
he’s nothing much than another alien to me, cause he’s producing a LOT of stuffs (lot of people do that yeah but…)
and that those stuffs are f* brilliant. It’s “beats” format, so between 2 & 4 minutes maximum songs but what is inside is so rich, that you feel like you spent already an hour in his mind and….Holy F* i forgot to post you the player !!

Here you go, Gloaming by Bluezr is 8 songs + one alternate take that came out last september on his bandcamp
The good news is (dont worry there’s no bad news here) that there are 30 other project available there.
Yes. 30.
The other good news is that over his soundcloud there are 22 tracks (most are Free Download: AMEN)
including 2 from yesterday, 1 from 4 days ago, 1 from 5 days ago, 1 from 6 days ago and so on and so on…
I guess you’re starting to say: OMG its gonna take me a long time to get into this!! Yes, it will. But its good for you.
The “bad” news, or the right question in fact will be: How am gonna escape this?
Honestly? Don’t try to escape, its too much effort and at the end…you’ll come back anyway.
Between all the excellent and not always easy productions, i will understand if u get lost (its a good thing)

Some stuffs you should do by the end of the week:

– First Follow him on Soundcloud / Twitter…
So you wont miss a gram & im sure he will appreciate some support & good vibes from u guys

– Secondly, Download (few DL left) the podcast Bluezr did for Paris based label Cascade Records below,
it’s a f* genius Master-Piece

– And Then, cause i cant really drop so many infos around (i let you dig this properly) drop an ear
on the split project Bluezr did alongside (very good) Russian Producer RBE & mastered by Simon SMTHNG
This split is simply a Beast, you can support by buying it on Tape / CDR or Download
For my broke people, check out the email ; )

Thats about it for today guys, you certainly dont want me to describe all i can hear into all those productions,
with or without Trees…This is just like Ras said:
That’s the connection—that re-creation of that music is a re-connection with the people,
with all music and all things they never knew existed.

say word



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