Best Free Music 2011.2 # Djao – Wuhn [GEM009]

7 12 2011

This year, 2 releases from Dropping Gems have been featured over the blog:
The Ghost Feet EP & the Gem Drops compilation (which could be the best music im gonna talk about now…but lets give other productions a chance to reach your ears/eyes) This truly diserves a post as one of the best “free” music of the year.

It’s also too bad and unfortunate that this has been underrated since it been released last september.
So except the cool heads over Potholes, YSK & a few blogs, no one is really
digging the scene, or trying to promote it via the big Websites.
Not taking risks and just wait for the new Fly Lo lookalike producer to emerge
-( If you dont know now you know )-

Wuhn by Djao is a 5 tracks project/EP that could be in fact a one shot composition. Listening to it over the bandcamp
will just bring 4 little 0.023 seconds pause between the tracks. So to enjoy this at maximum capacity
you should go over the page, download it (Pay if you can) and play it in your regular player on computer
OR Download a FLAC version, burn it on audio and put the CD into your Deluxe HiFi.

Wuhn is the debut release from Dropping Gems family member DJAO, aka Alex Osuch. The tracks appearing on Wuhn represent some of the most characteristic sounds found in his repertoire: organic rhythms, rolling sub-bass, and the enveloping presence of human voices. It attempts to describe, from beginning to end, a journey through a kaleidoscopic array of natural environments, each with their own tone, tempo, topography and synesthetic color scheme. The humid grittiness of “Underbrush” bursts apart to reveal the vast openness of “Through The Fields,” which climbs in elevation until the listener is deposited into the fertile rarefication of “Taigamoss.” From these heights the listener is transported, during the night, to the depths of “Moon Sun Ravine,” and after a prolonged psychedelic march he or she stumbles into sunrise and finally into the secluded oasis of “Green Lake.” By the EP’s end, attentive listeners may be surprised to find tree leaves lining their pockets, or creek pebbles in their shoes. The EP also represents the immense amount of loving support that Alex has received since beginning to make music in earnest, and exists to both reflect and transmit that feeling in return to his community and the world at large.
-from Dropping Gems-

Its a bit difficult to describe this track by track, as i said, it doesnt really fit,
but among all the thing that come out over the Internet everyday, week, months
Top, Poll, best selling music after best new music, i agree that it a bit confusing
Well, the only moment you’ll get confused while listening to this is when it stops,
all goes so well together, the melody and long aerial delay or reverbs on guitar makes the whole thing
flying, and its a shame if you dont know how to as well…This record can be really really close to you: breath sounds recorded & looped over the soundscapes, voices: not autotune please plus very rough beats, crispy, naturals
all mixed together is bringing you an amazing feeling of trance: understand, a lo-fi
feeling of being closed to the producer world, entourage is amazing cause you feel so high while listening
and completely away from daily thoughts, outside world, and down to earth imaginarium…

– Play Loud –

All songs written and recorded by DJAO over the past year in Seattle, WA.
Through The Fields incorporates elements from an instrumental of
‘Ecstasy & Speed’ written by Jin Gilbert.
Moon Sun Ravine features Zuri Biringer on guitar.

Artwork by Lara Schneider
Mastered by Twerk @ Audible Oddities
Catalog# GEM009

Here’s a lil bonus ; )

Live Cassette recordings made a few months ago while living with great friends in the mission. mostly late night drunk recordings featuring some live remixes, live sp-202 and dr-202 recordings, and some interludes w/ friends.




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