Best Free Music 2011.1 # D33J – Tide Songs [WeDidIt]

6 12 2011

So here we go for lets hope a marathon of what were the best free stuffs around,
will also try to not repost all i did already. Which will be very easy , well
depending on the mood too.

D33J a quite prolific author & member of wediditcollective, he setted up this EP in April.
It was relayed quite well around, and well received. I guess so : )
On top figures this track: Drowning Pools, which have been in rotation since and always
bringing whatever u call it: positive energy, transcendance ya know cause this shit is so beautiful
really at the image of the rest of the ep. First its full of loops. We do love loops right?
So….Basically, my dear reader you already press:play on the player. Yes, you will. again.
Opening, in one word, is very very sexy,warm, trippy and fuck yeah i can feel SF
from the waves of oceans to pools noises in opposition to roughness of the heat
and second track beat. All of this is surrounded by bizarre repetitiv nostalgia

Best for any moments



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