BUY # Concrete Island EP //Youthman//Redeyes//Sweed//X_J//Mael [Chateau Bruyant // CBR008]

5 12 2011

Concrete Island EP is the perfect jukebox of bass electronic music influences of five friends/collaborators from the postcard perfect city of Paris. Consisting of four original works by Redeyes (Trilogy/ Brownswood /Metalheadz Platinum), Mael(Nasty FM) , X_J(Taktile Touch / Le Club de la Mixtape), Sweed (Le Club de la Mixtape) and Youthman (Trilogy/Brownswood), any electronic music fans who have insatiable appetites for bass music like Dub/Dubtechno/UK Garage will truly be satisfied.

« I’ve always been a big fan of Youthman and Redeyes productions, but this ‘Bitch & Guns’ is ahead of the game
exactly the kind of stuff i’m playing at the moment,LOVING IT »

Just like the main theme of J.G Ballard’s novel Concrete Island, one can sense the creative juices are now being released after being marooned on an island, located between Toulouse, 2, 3 or 7 international airports somewhere sometime,Paris the Grey, surrounded by ancient volcanos. A kind of Bermuda Triangle: nowhere to run, nowhere to hide to escape the concrete jungle of their minds but the island. Pumped with Bass and Noises from the past, melancholia melodies & notes from the future: 4 Directions but 5 ways to reach the unreachable.
Blow your speakers and minds with the Concrete Island EP.






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